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Human hair wigs available online and in stores can be expensive than other options on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that European hair is scarcely available and manufacturers may have to pay more for pristine, high-quality human hair. However, the biggest benefit is that nice hair wig may last 2-3 years if maintained in a proper way (synthetic versions have a short life). This means human hair wigs are best for those with long term hair loss.

Custom-made for the best fit

Unlike many synthetic hair wigs, real hair versions can be custom made to your precise head size. This process begins with a cast being taken of your head and scalp. This is then converted into a bespoke wig base and then hair is subsequently added as per need. The main benefit is that this wig is very secure and safe. You can lead a normal life without worrying about your wig getting dislodged. Again, if you’re worried about long term hair loss, custom hair wig can help you lead a normal life without any worry about wig security.

Looks natural

Obviously, a hair wig  in London is the closest which you can get to natural hair. As you would like to see, 100 percent real hair will respond like real hair- they absorb colors, moisture and can be removed or added. In addition to being realistic, some custom-made hair wigs offer many innovative features that synthetic wigs do not offer.

For example, human hair can be easily “drawn through”. Hair is precisely threaded through two layers of gauze-like, fine base material-which means there is no visible join between the hair and the base. In other words, hair may look like it’s just growing out of your scalp. It gives pure realistic effect. If you’re planning to buy real hair wig, always settle for some special features like monofilament tops and lace fronts where hair is individually knotted on top so that it moves more naturally.

Different designs

Whether the preferred look is layered, long, shaggy, or short, these wigs can easily be styled to perfectly match the desired look of your life. This is much the same as having a head full of hair multiple design options. This hair wig is very easy to handle and can be curled,  blow-dried, flat-ironed. Plus, there is the great possibility of coloring this hair, which is best for those looking to undergo a change of style.

Styling versatility

Another important feature of custom-made human hair wigs is they are not available in any specially cut style. You get them as uncut and then you need to choose the style that should be cut by any qualified wig specialist. As your hair style is real, your styling options are countless as with your natural hair.

For styling, you can use heated appliances and you can even go to swimming, provide you shampoo and then condition your wig after your swimming session. However, one should take caution-hair feels like your own but remember: individual strands in human hair wigs cannot be replenished. For this reason, it’s important to take care when wig styling, brushing, sunbathing or when going out in wind conditions.

Restore Confidence

It goes without saying that due to their realistic appearance and added security, human hair can often be closest to human hair. This may mean that the wig mostly goes undetected, which in turn boosts the self esteem of wearer. Many who’ve used human hair wigs have never looked back.

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